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  • Carol Reeve

Ours Goes to 11

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Girl on the Roof celebrates 11 years

When I ponder the notion that Girl on the Roof has been around for eleven years, my first thought is the amp scene from the cult classic film, This is Spinal Tap. While we don’t have an amp that goes to 11, I take pride in the contributions that Girl on the Roof has made to amplify the message, exposure, and impact of organizations that aim to improve the lives of others. For eleven years our small but mighty team has repeatedly demonstrated our ability to “go one louder” and over-deliver with both the quality and impact of our work.

Truth be told, I did not imagine in 2009 that I would still be on the Roof eleven years later. But the business has been a tremendous blessing to me, to my family, to my fellow “Roofers,” and to the organizations we have served. I do not take credit for the life-changing work of our clients. But it has definitely been an honor to shout powerful messages from rooftops on their behalf.

With the services we have provided, Girl on the Roof has helped our clients…

  • combat human trafficking

  • teach children to read, prepare children for kindergarten, and bridge the achievement gap

  • support children and adults experiencing trauma

  • secure housing and other critical services for individuals and families facing homelessness

  • provide a safe home and education for children at risk of human trafficking in Asia

  • provide services to families and children with autism

  • recruit advocates for juveniles in the court system

  • provide free books and home visits to at-risk children

  • provide educational support for children of working families and ensure that children have a safe place to go for online learning during COVID-19

  • expand mental health research

  • prevent suicides

  • provide wigs to women experiencing medically induced hair loss

  • deliver free flowers to patients of hospitals and nursing homes

  • model and teach sustainable farming practices

  • build a stronger education system that works for everyone

  • intentionally incorporate diversity into early childhood classrooms

  • reduce costs of textbooks for college students

  • provide an affordable education to students who desire to make an impact on the world

  • educate young women to become business and community leaders

  • inspire business and community leaders to invest in their community

  • assist corporations with developing and adopting social responsibility initiatives

  • provide day care and employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities

  • employ blind adults

  • connect unemployed adults with job training and employment opportunities

  • connect senior citizens with advocacy and in-home care services

  • invest in entrepreneurship as a tool for economic mobility

  • identify current and future community assets to create jobs and strengthen rural economies

  • repair roads, sidewalks, and other infrastructure

  • prevent the spread of COVID-19 through the manufacturing of masks

  • provide a reliable retirement savings mechanism for people in full-time ministry

  • protect privacy through secure technology innovations

  • provide transitional housing and support services for single-mother families and previously incarcerated women

  • train individuals on self-defense techniques

  • organize peaceful protests and stand against the systems and conditions that lead to marginalization and oppression

  • recruit volunteers for worthy causes

  • raise the collective voice and influence of professional women

  • inspire courage and authenticity; release negativity and practice more intentional living

  • expose economically disadvantaged youth to classical music and provide free musical instruments and lessons

  • make homes and highways more beautiful with art from local artists

Now that Girl on the Roof has gone to 11, we look forward to amplifying the messages, exposure, and impact of even more inspiring organizations. So stay tuned.


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