At Girl on the Roof, being a LOUDMOUTH is a compliment, because it means that a business is helping a nonprofit shout its message.


The LOUDMOUTH Program provides cause-marketing opportunities for businesses which desire to make a difference but may have limited resources to donate. Our goal is to broker lasting partnerships between businesses and nonprofits that will strengthen communities.



The work. If your business spends at least $15,000 in services with Girl on the Roof within a calendar year, we will provide at least 10% of that spend back in the form of pro bono services to a nonprofit in your company’s honor. So if your business spends $25,000 on a new logo/identity package, print materials, and a top-notch video, you’re also helping a nonprofit receive $2,500 worth of services that they really need.

The partnership. At the end of the project or calendar year, we will present to you some nonprofits that your LOUDMOUTH partnership could benefit. Our hope is that you select a nonprofit that your employees would be excited to support.

The payoff. After we complete our pro-bono service, we will let you know how your LOUDMOUTH partnership benefited the selected nonprofit. In addition to enhancing the community, your participation in this partnership provides great internal and external PR opportunities for your company.

Ultimately we hope the LOUDMOUTH Program brokers lasting partnerships between businesses and nonprofits that strengthen the community for all of us. Contact us today to learn more.

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