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Building a Brand (case study)

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

REACH Women’s Network was first formed as an idea in 2017 and became a nonprofit 501(c)(3) in 2018 after extensive stakeholder research and benchmarking. Girl on the Roof president Carol Reeve was a founding member of the organization, leading the strategic planning and positioning efforts. Girl on the Roof crafted the organization’s brand, website, and case for support.

When the organization hosted the first annual REACH Women’s Conference in 2020, Girl on the Roof developed the conference branding, conference website, print ads, billboards, social media graphics, program, event signage, events slides, and post-conference communications. This inaugural conference sold out in one week, and sponsors were thrilled with their exposure, pledging support for future events.

Social graphics for the 2020 REACH Women's Conference:

As REACH Women’s Network and its programming expanded, Girl on the Roof provided additional strategic, content development, logo design, and graphic design support.

When COVID-19 struck, REACH Women’s Network had to pivot and take the 2021 conference online. Girl on the Roof designed the promotional materials (social media, emails, print ads, billboard) and slide graphics for the event.

Slides from the 2021 REACH Women's Virtual Event:

In 2022, Girl on the Roof was once again the creative force behind the 2022 REACH Women’s Conference, providing strategic and executional support including copywriting, editing, and design services for emails, social media, signage, slides, billboard, print ads, event program, and post-conference materials. Girl on the Roof president Carol Reeve also co-led a keynote session.

Social graphics for the 2022 REACH Women's Conference:

Pages from the 2022 REACH Women's Conference Program:

Sponsor poster from the 2022 REACH Women's Conference:

Girl on the Roof concepted and managed the Community Survey of Women in the Workplace, a large-scale, community-wide survey designed to assess the state of working women in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, shine light on the challenges faced by women in the workforce, and inform strategies for supporting, attracting, and retaining women so we can collaboratively close the gender gap. With positioning assistance from Girl on the Roof, REACH Women’s Network secured multiple grants to fully fund the project. Girl on the Roof led the survey development, construction, promotion, analysis, and presentation of this groundbreaking research. View the top-line findings, presented at the 2023 REACH Women's Conference.

2023 REACHconf program (FINAL survey content)
Download PDF • 1.84MB


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