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Girl on the Roof amplifies the message, exposure, and impact of purpose-driven organizations. Our clients actively strengthen communities through education, arts, advocacy, and socially and environmentally responsible economic development. Girl on the Roof clients come from various sectors including...


Early education intervention. Homelessness. Racial justice. Equity and safety in higher education. Gun violence prevention. Healthcare access. Brain research. Breaking down mental health stigmas. Entrepreneurship. Equal pay. Visual arts and music. We’re really fortunate to do meaningful work in these areas… and to work with the passionate people leading the efforts. 

If you don’t fit in one of the above categories, we may not be the right marketing agency for you. But if you want a chance to make your case to us, give us a shout!


​Girl on the Roof was first certified by the General Services Administration in 2016 and has provided marketing, content development, video production, and graphic design services for the United States Federal Government ever since. We’ve also done work for numerous towns, cities, counties, and states seeking to unite communities, promote social services, and expand socially and environmentally responsible economic development efforts.


Some are for-profit. Some are non-profit. Some are not-yet-making-a-profit. Some are owned by women and people of color addressing education gaps and economic mobility. Some are technology companies seeking smarter, ethical solutions. We help all of them shout their messages on a lean, startup budget. 

Principled Businesses 

We call them principled because they care about more than profit. They care about their social and environmental impact. They strive to provide fair wages and an inclusive work environment. They are intentional about supporting their community, from Winston-Salem to El Salvador. If a business desires all of this but needs help getting there, we can help with that, too.

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