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A Market Research Case Study

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

As part of a project for the Tennessee Aging and Disability Resource Center, a division of the State of Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability (TCAD), Girl on the Roof was hired to conduct primary and secondary stakeholder research centered around the state’s senior population. The two-fold objectives of the research were:

  • to assess existing public and partner knowledge and opinions of TCAD and its services

  • to identify and test strategies to promote TCAD’s services to a broader audience

Girl on the Roof developed, constructed, and analyzed a survey for internal and external stakeholders to evaluate their experience with the agency. Following the survey, Girl on the Roof conducted stakeholder interviews of professionals representing nonprofit resource organizations across the State of Tennessee, to learn about their experience with TCAD’s offerings for the state’s aging population. Throughout these efforts GotR team members assessed the needs and priorities of each organization, to help TCAD respond to changing needs.

Girl on the Roof then organized and facilitated a series of focus groups for two audience groups, with a focus on less-resourced, rural counties:

  • aging adults (ages 65+)

  • caregivers of adults 65+

The focus groups were used to discuss challenges and perspectives among these audience groups, assess awareness and opinions of TCAD services, test language and terminology related to messaging options, and identify optimal channels for promoting TCAD services. Some focus groups evaluated print ads and posters created by Girl on the Roof.

The information and perspectives gleaned from these interviews and focus groups were used to develop messaging campaign options that GotR presented in a final report to TCAD, along with the below poster, which was deemed the most effective tool — for hanging in senior centers — to reach the state’s aging population, particularly among rural populations.


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