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Google Ads Success Story (case study)

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Dissertation coach Jessica Parker of Dissertation by Design approached Girl on the Roof to help her brand and market her business. At that time her business was steady, but she knew it had the potential to grow significantly. Jessica was inspired by Girl on the Roof’s LOUDMOUTH program and wanted some counsel on how she could develop a meaningful give-back model for her business.

Girl on the Roof facilitated a strategic identity session with Jessica that resulted in a strong positioning statement and audience personas that gave her valuable insight to more effectively reach the clients she wanted. We also developed a logo package and optimized her social media profiles.

After we conducted an audit of her website, we counseled Jessica on ways she could improve the design, user experience, and conversion process. We also conducted keyword research and recommended the strategic integration of keywords into her content to improve her search engine ranking. We even researched and recommended some possible give-back models, which she implemented.

Once the Dissertation by Design website was optimized, we developed social media and Google Ads campaigns to drive traffic to it. Even though dissertation coaching keywords are very competitive online, the Google Ads campaign developed by Girl on the Roof generated successful clicks for well below the going rates. In fact, the campaign was so successful that the business grew more than 400%, prompting Jessica to staff up quickly to meet the demand. She then begged us to turn off the campaign to let them all catch their breath. (This is how well-crafted good Google Ads campaigns should work! If you had a bad experience with Google Ads, the Girl on the Roof team would love the chance to restore your faith in this valuable business development tool!)

"Girl on the Roof helped our company rebrand and develop a new marketing strategy. Carol and her team are extremely knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Girl on the Roof!" – Jessica Parker, EdD, Founder & CEO of Dissertation by Design

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