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  • Carol Reeve

Audience-Driven Strategies (case study)

Hatch Early Learning is an education technology company based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that seeks to close the achievement gap through the development of game-based, research-backed technology for early learners.

In 2019, Girl on the Roof was hired to assist Hatch with communicating their strategic plan. Following this success, Hatch contracted with Girl on the Roof to craft the onboarding experience for the launch of Ignite by Hatch, a digital learning platform for pre-readers. Previous platforms developed and launched by Hatch had a fairly low adoption rate by teachers even when schools had licensed the software for use in classrooms. Hatch asked Girl on the Roof to help them improve the implementation process, making it easier for teachers to begin using the new platform in their classrooms. Services included positioning, process mapping (user experience definition), copy development, graphic design, and video production.

With the implementation of strategies and tools developed by Girl on the Roof — like engaging product packaging and instructions, multi-level email campaigns, training videos, downloadable education tools, and more — Hatch saw a 12-fold increase in the adoption rate of the platform when compared to past rollouts.

The result? More children benefitting from this evidence-based educational tool!

example of card included in packaging encouraging product adoption


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