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  • SEO – How Long Will This Take?

    Whenever Girl on the Roof begins work on a new Search Engine Optimization project, one of the questions we can always count on being asked is, “How long will it take for us to see results?”

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  • Building a Seaworthy Organization

    I was sailing before I was born. Even nine months pregnant, my mother was crewing for my dad aboard a Pintail. Just weeks after my birth, my dad secured a strap-on infant bicycle seat to the back of the boat...

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  • 25 SEO Tips for your Website

    It all begins with words typed into a search box. Ranking high on Google and other search engines will make or break your website’s effectiveness. Following these 25 tips will help maximize your website’s (SEO).

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What People are Saying

The key word in my experience with Girl on the Roof is talent. The marketing materials, concepts, and website that they designed for my program are a work of art. I’ve had others over the years take a stab at producing similar materials and certainly made multiple attempts on my own; but within one month of my work with Girl on the Roof, I knew I was in a whole new ball game. Not only is their work stellar, it comes so naturally for them that they can produce it at lightning speed.
Kerry Loy
Certified Life Coach / Life Coaching at Centerstone
The organizations I have referred to Girl on the Roof as an executive coach have been consistently stronger as a result of their work. Recently, when our team was on the receiving end of Girl on the Roof’s consultation and facilitation, we walked away with clarity about why we exist and how we can effectively communicate that to our audience. Our experience was both enlightening and empowering. Our work with Girl on the Roof will benefit us for years to come.
Stanley Taylor
What is so impressive about Girl on the Roof is the intense depth of creativity, excellent organization, and unmatched thoughtfulness and care when working with business contacts, donors and others. We hope to work with Carol for years to come! Bottom line: If Carol Reeve is a part of the project, it will not fail.
Daniel Watson
Executive Director / The Restoration House
The team at Girl on the Roof did a fantastic job at consulting CRI through a variety of stages to develop the marketing strategy and educating us along the way. I credit Girl on the Roof with our ongoing success because they went well beyond what I’ve seen marketing agencies typically do. I would recommend Girl on the Roof to any organization that requires hands-on expertise and has a desire to work with a passionate, committed team of people.
Trenay Bynum
Research Communications Manager / Centerstone Research Institute
Girl on the Roof presented us with several options, at different price points, that would improve our website performance on mobile devices. We chose the most thorough solution, and it has been well worth it. Our website traffic has more than doubled, and more than 75% of our visits are on mobile devices. Girl on the Roof also recommended improvements we wouldn’t have thought of. The site is cleaner, more user friendly, more responsive and, most importantly, is delivering the results we needed. I would recommend Girl on the Roof without reservation.
Jonathan Haskell
Director of Communications and Public Relations / Brown and Roberto
Girl on the Roof has provided my organizations with marketing and public relations expertise since 2009. The team at Girl on the Roof have taken my diamonds in the rough and made them more valuable. They consistently provide insight, awareness, strategy and solutions that have moved us beyond our expected outcomes.
Clifford A Bailey
Public Speaker and CEO / Techsoft Systems
In our short time with Girl on the Roof, TN Valley Coalition for the Homeless has gone from a caterpillar to a butterfly. The transformation process of uncovering why we exist (in order to effectively communicate who we are) is already impacting the region and will continue to for years to come. God has given Girl on the Roof a unique and valuable array of skills. The positioning statement and graphics they developed are amazing, and we are so fortunate to be working with them!
Melanie Cordell
Chief Executive Officer / Tennessee Valley Coalition for the Homeless
The creative process of working with Girl on the Roof has been so much fun for us! They quickly understood who we are and the message we wanted to communicate. We love our new logo and are looking forward to developing a new website with their assistance.
Debbie Chesney
Executive Director / Homes of Love
My first exposure to Girl on the Roof was when Carol conducted a strategic identity session for Johnson University. I was immediately impressed. She was poised, articulate, and garnered participation from everyone in the room. Carol cares about her clients and has our best interest in mind. She thinks ahead for us. She is informed, connected, unflappable, and tireless. Johnson University is in a better position as a direct result of her involvement.
Kevin O'Brien
Director of Alumni and Public Relations / Johnson University