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At Girl on the Roof, employees and contractors alike are screened on the basis of character, competency, chemistry, and culture. If our name is on it, this is what it means:

  • We do all things with excellence. Every time. Period.

  • We add value through ideas, not just through execution. We are a strategic marketing firm, not just a web design or graphics shop (though we do those things really well). To ensure the best results, we start with the message and the audience; then we develop the strategy and the plan; then we execute.

  • We spend each client’s money like it’s our own (and we’re pretty frugal). Whether for-profit or nonprofit, our clients work hard for every dollar they earn. We honor their efforts by stretching every dollar as far as we can.

  • We are truthful. If a client is always right, they don’t need us. For those who do need us, we ask tough questions, give honest opinions, and provide the best counsel possible. We are just as likely (or more) to say, “You don’t need that; it’s a waste of money,” as we are to say, “This is really going to help you.”

  • We do work that matters. Regardless of shape, size, or sector, we serve organizations that serve others. This isn’t just a job for us; it’s a calling.


Our intentionally lean team means fewer people are billing to a project compared to a traditional advertising agency, where up to five people bill to a project before any work has actually been done. At Girl on the Roof, you communicate directly with the people doing the work, which eliminates the fallout of "the telephone game." It also means the work is generated in less time, for a lower cost.

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